Important notice

This updated information applies to all elections where the election process starts on or after 1 September 2020.

How do I call for nominations?

Parent representative

For the parent representative election:

  • you must issue a notice to each person named on the electoral roll and include a nomination form.
  • you must notify the school community and any other affected parties in the wider community in a way that best meets the needs of the school community and the wider community. You could do this by:
    • Placing a notice in the school newsletter, on the school website or Facebook page
    • Put up notices around the community
    • Hold a meeting/hui for interested community members
    • Put a notice in the local newspaper
  • the notice should also advise that a candidate can provide a supporting statement. (We recommend up to 400 words), and photos may also be included.

Staff and student representative

For the staff and student representative elections:

  • you must issue a notice to each person named on the appropriate roll for each election


  • you can display notices in prominent places around the school - if you are satisfied this will adequately inform electors about the call for nominations.

When there is a non-voting election, when do the new board member(s) take office?

The new board member(s) take office 7 days after nominations close.

This information can be found on Page 18 of the Returning Officers' Handbook 2019-2022 under 'Declaring results for a non-voting election'.

Can I email out nomination forms?

Nomination forms need to be issued to everyone on the voting roll so if you have an email address for each of these people then the nomination forms and notices calling for nominations can be emailed out. If there is only one email address provided for two people living in the same house you can email separately two copies of the information to the one email address.

Can nomination forms be returned via email?

Nomination forms can be emailed back but they must be signed by both the nominee and the nominator or they will be deemed invalid. E-signatures are acceptable but if this isn't possible, a nomination form can be emailed back with a typed signature but the RO must receive an updated nomination form that has been correctly signed as soon as possible.

Do I have to call for nominations by placing a notice into a local newspaper?

You are now no longer required to call for nominations by placing a notice in the local newspaper. Instead you are required to notify the school community and any other affected parties in the local community in the way that best suits your communities’ needs.

What happens if nominations close on a Sunday?

You will need to work with the board and decide if someone can be at school on the Sunday to collect nominations, or provide an alternative drop-off location available on the weekend or advise the community that any hand-delivered nominations must be dropped off at the school by the Friday before the nominations close. You could also allow nominations to be emailed to the returning officer.

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