Frequently asked questions

Important notice

  • This updated information applies to all elections where the election process started on or after 1 September 2020
  • The election process starts when the board appoints a returning officer


Below are the most frequently asked questions we receive.

My role

  • What happens if I become sick or injured?
  • I've just been appointed returning officer by the board to run the upcoming parent and staff representative elections. What do I get paid?

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The roll

  • How do I compile the roll at an intermediate school?
  • I am the returning officer at a contributing school. Do I have to provide information to the intermediate school?
  • What if the school records do not contain the names of both parents?

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  • How do I call for nominations?
  • What do I have to put in the notice calling for nominations?
  • What if fewer nominations are received than vacancies on the board? (For example, three or four nominations for five vacancies, or fewer than three nominations)

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The vote

  • What is the best way to number the voting forms?
  • Who pays for the postage on the return envelope?
  • Why is the envelope containing the voting paper so important?

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Counting the vote

  • What are the duties of a scrutineer?
  • Where two or more candidates receive the same number of valid votes, how do I decide which of them is elected?
  • What if a voter votes for more candidates than there are vacancies?

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After the vote

  • How are election results announced?
  • What do I send to the District Court?
  • When does the former board step down?

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