Staff board members

The staff representative is elected by school staff at the staff election. This is held every three years at the same time as the parent election. Together, they are called the triennial elections.  The staff representative is on their board until the next triennials.

Every school board must have a staff representative. They are the staff voice on the board, just as the parent and student representatives are the voices for the parent and student communities of the school. 

The role of the staff representative is no different to that of any other board member. They have equal standing, voice, accountabilities and vote as other board members, but they can't be the board chair (neither can the principal nor student representive). 

If the staff representative cannot fulfil their term (for example if they resign their teaching position at the school) then the resulting vacancy must be filled by holding a by-election. More information about by-elections can be found here. 

It’s also important for boards and staff members to be aware of who cannot become a school board member. See details here. The staff representative must sign an eligibility declaration on the nomination form when they stand as a candidate.

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