Promoting the Elections

Boards work best when they reflect the diversity of their communities. That’s why it’s so important to engage with your community to ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn about, understand and participate in the elections.

Boards are responsible for communicating and engaging with the school and wider community about school board elections.

There’s a range of promotional material and student representative promotional material on this site and lots of local channels you can use to get your information in front of your target audiences.

First and foremost, try to use your school’s communications channels to promote the elections – most schools have a website and a regular newsletter that goes to parents and caregivers.

Many also have social media channels – like Facebook – which are great for getting information out to your community.

The school board elections are a great opportunity for schools to talk about student achievements and community focus – both of which are of interest to local media. Get in touch with your regional and community newspapers to see if they’d be interested in an election-related story.

Don’t forget about other ‘free’ community noticeboards (get in touch with your local radio station), community radio (great for targeting diversity), sports clubs and community service organisations.

What you want is for people in your community to think about putting themselves forward for nomination. Encourage people with a range of experiences, different skill sets and interests to be involved and represent their community on a school board.

Inform them about the opportunities of being on a board and the difference that being a board member can make for your school.

Kōrari Workshops

School board members play an important role in shaping the education experience and achievements of students.

NZSTA hosts a series Kōrari workshops throughout New Zealand to help people understand the role of school board members and inspire them to get involved – either by standing for election or voting in the mid-terms. Find out more about Kōrari here.

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