The roll

Important notice

This updated information applies to all elections where the election process started on or after 1 September 2020.

How do I compile the roll at an intermediate school?

The roll is compiled as normal for students in years 7 and 8. Also, parents of students enrolled in year 6 at contributing schools are eligible to vote in the parent election at the stand-alone intermediate school in which their child is likely to be enrolled as a full-time student in the year after the election.

We recommend you contact the returning officers at your contributing schools as early as possible. Remind them they must arrange for you to be given the names and contact details of all voters with at least one child in year 6 who is likely to attend your school in the following year.

For more information please see Returning Officers’ Handbook under Eligibility Criteria.

I am the returning officer at a contributing school. Do I have to provide information to the intermediate school?

You must provide the names and contact details of voters with students in year 6, who are likely to be enrolled at the intermediate school in the year after the election is held, to the returning officer at the intermediate school.

What if the school records do not contain the names of both parents?

You must make a reasonable effort to ensure that all eligible voters are on the roll. You could approach the parent whose name is in the school records and see if they have a postal address for the other parent. Explain you are asking because the other parent has the right to vote and stand as a candidate. You take the answer that is given and do not have to pursue the matter any further. If the response is abusive, close the conversation and walk away.

If a child leaves the school after the roll has closed, do the parents get a vote?

Yes, they do. The people entitled to vote are those whose names are on the roll the day it closes. It does not matter that the child leaves the school in the few days between the roll closing and polling day.

A child is enrolled at the school after the supplementary roll has closed. Are parents of that child eligible to vote?

No, the parents are not entitled to vote. 

IMPORTANT: The supplementary roll closes at noon 37 days before election day. Once closed, no further names can be added to the roll.

Who can view the rolls?

The names but not the addresses of people on the roll can be viewed by anyone at any reasonable time at the school before election day. Although it is not officially defined, ‘reasonable time’ could be during school opening hours. Make sure the principal and office staff, in particular, are aware of this.

NOTE: The same conditions apply to viewing names of people who have been nominated in the election.

I thought it was the individual’s responsibility to check the electoral roll to see if they are on it? Why do returning officers need to check if a person should be included?

True, it is the person’s responsibility to check the roll. However, the returning officer must prepare the roll of every person “entitled to vote in the election” and should make a reasonable effort to carry out that task. 

How do I deal with staff who are also parents of children at the school?

This is called dual eligibility. As you can only take part in one election these people will be placed on the staff electoral roll. However, they can let the returning officer know in writing if they wish to be on the parent roll before it closes. They would then stay on this roll for the next 3 years unless their status changes. They may no longer be an employee or their child may have left the school.

At a by-election can staff with dual eligibility change rolls?

Staff with dual eligibility cannot simply decide to change rolls at a by-election. They need to wait until the next triennials if they want to change rolls (unless their status has changed).

At a by-election, the returning officer needs to check which roll those with dual eligibility were on at the last triennial election. They remain on the same roll, unless their status has changed. If the person with dual eligibility:

  • is no longer a staff member they go on the parent roll
  • no longer has children at the school they go on the staff roll.

Does the principal take part in the triennial or mid-term elections?

If the principal has a child at the school, then they can be on the parent electoral roll. They play no part in the staff election.

Do new staff go on the staff roll?

All new permanent staff would go straight on to the staff roll. If the position is fixed term, then the staff member must be in a position continuously for 2 months when the roll closes.

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