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Important notice

This updated information applies to all elections where the election process starts on or after 1 September 2020.

What is the best way to number the voting forms?

Each voting form can be coded or numbered to ensure voters are not able to vote more than once. The number or code system you use should allow you to check the number of votes exercised but should not enable voters to be identified.

Who pays for the postage on the return envelope?

It is not legally necessary for postage to be placed on return envelopes issued to voters. Many boards decide to allocate funds for postage to ensure no voter is financially disadvantaged. You will be notified if your board requires postage on the return envelope. 

If you decide to use a freepost system, ensure you have a written agreement with the postal company about how often they will send mail to you.

NOTE: If envelopes are returned with incorrect postage, accept the envelope and pay any additional costs. Charge as an election budget expense.

Do the voting forms need to be returned in an envelope?

They can be returned in an envelope but do not have to be. They do not need to be returned in the envelope sent out with the forms.

If there are two voting forms returned in one envelope are the votes still valid?

Yes, both votes are valid.

Do posted votes need to have the envelope date stamped?

This is no longer necessary. The returning officer can accept postal votes up to 5 days after the election date.

How many votes may parents cast?

Each parent is entitled to receive one voting paper regardless of the number of children they have attending the school.

For further information call the NZSTA phone number, or go to the website or email address above.

Do parents of foreign-fee-paying students get a vote?

Yes. As long as their child is enrolled full-time at the school on the day the roll, or supplementary roll, closes. You cannot accept faxed or emailed voting forms, as they are neither secure nor confidential.

Count the vote if the envelope is postmarked before noon on election day, and you receive it no later than five days after election day.

Do voting forms get posted back to my home address or to the school?

The voting forms can be either be posted or delivered to the address shown on the voting cover letter. This address is usually the school.

When there is a non-voting election, when do the new board member(s) take office?

The new board member(s) take office 7 days after nominations close.

This information can be found on Page 18 of the Returning Officers' Handbook under 'Declaring results for a non-voting election'.

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