After the vote

Important notice

This updated information applies to all elections where the election process starts on or after 1 September 2020.

How are the election results announced?

Advise the presiding member of the results. You must follow this up in writing to the board.

Arrange with the presiding member at an early stage of the elections who will advise (by telephone if possible) the candidates of the results.

The presiding member should contact the successful candidates and you could contact the unsuccessful ones.

We recommend the unsuccessful candidates are contacted first before the newly elected board members.

Promptly publicise the result by displaying a notice or notices at the school. Give the principal a copy of that notice.

Immediately after that, notify the school community and any other affected parties in the wider community in a way that best meets the needs of the school community and the wider local community. Use the format set out in the Returning Officers’ Handbook, and include individual totals for all candidates, and the total number of invalid votes.

Publish the result in the next school newsletter.

Make sure you complete the relevant appendices. This is an important component of the final step in the process.

Do election results need to go into the local paper?

The results no longer need to go into the paper and can be made known to the community and other parties by any means appropriate for your community e.g. notice in the newsletter, on the school website or Facebook page.

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