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The timeframe for any election is now 63 days. This includes all by-elections for parent, staff and student representatives. Use the online election planner tool and download the updated Returning Officers’ Handbook.

What is the role of the returning officer?

The role of the returning officer in school board elections is critical to a smooth-running election process. It includes preparing the electoral roll(s), calling for and accepting nominations, running the elections (when one is required), counting the votes and declaring the results. More information on the returning officers' responsibilities.

How is a returning officer appointed?

The Governor-General, by Order in Council, makes regulations prescribing:

  1. the manner in which elections of board members is held
  2. the manner in which returning officers are to be appointed for the purpose of the election of board members.

Those regulations require that: 

  1. The board of every school must appoint a returning officer for each school board election held to elect any of the following:
    1. a parent representative
    2. a staff representative
    3. a student representative.
  2. If a board fails to appoint a returning officer for an election within the time required under the relevant election timetable, the Secretary must appoint a returning officer for that election.
  3. If a returning officer becomes unable to carry out the duties of a returning officer, the board or the secretary (depending on who appointed the original returning officer) must appoint a replacement returning officer.
  4. Every returning officer must conduct the election-
    1. in accordance with these regulations; and
    2. in accordance with the relevant election timetable; and
    3. otherwise, as he or she thinks fit.
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