Time to vote

All parents and caregivers of children who attend school can vote for board members at that school.

Eligible voters will receive their voting papers and candidate profiles by at least 28 days prior to the election date. If you have not received your papers, please get in touch with your school.

How to vote:

Make your vote count by ensuring you have read and understood the voting process.

Firstly, find out about the candidates by reading the profiles, which are included in your voting pack.

The voting paper will detail the maximum number of candidates you can vote for - be careful not to vote for more candidates than there are positions, otherwise your vote will be invalid.

There are a range of options for returning your voting papers – make sure you get them in on time!

Once the election is over

You can find out about the newly elected school board members in the school newsletter and/or website. This information is usually made available within two weeks of the election day.

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