School board member experiences


Becoming a school trustee

Frian: encouraging inclusion for all children

My message to interested candidates is do not be afraid if you are the only member with a unique or differing perspective on the board. You may well represent an unheard and marginalised group within your school community. It is after all the diversity and varying perspectives on a board that give it strength and allow true community re presentation.”


Getting involved

Amanda: getting involved in your children’s education and your community

“My message to parents is if you want to be a part of your children’s education, become a board member. I’ve learnt that you play just a big role in your child’s education as the teachers. Don’t be afraid that you might not have the right skills. As a board you are a collective, you work to each other’s strengths and you develop the skills that you don’t have when you first start.

We had a real cross section of our community, people from different walks of life bringing their own skills and experiences to the table. We all played our part.”

Give it a go


Peter: giving back to the community

Becoming a board member was a good opportunity to contribute my skills and give back to the school. I learnt a lot through this experience - how to be professional during negotiations, engaging with officials in high level discussion and retaining good working relationships despite sometimes having different opinions within the team. We became a very strong board and used different member’s skills and experience to reach the best outcomes. It was great to see the school had a valued place in the community.”


Giving back

Roly: learning lessons about the school, governance, and yourself

“I wanted give back to the school educating my children. Schools play an important role in the local community and provide opportunities for students to learn and achieve. The diversity on the board brings better community representation to help set strategic direction for the school.”



Heather: making a real difference

“Being involved in setting the direction for the school, helping to manage resources to get the best for all and knowing I'm making a difference for the school have been the highlights of being a board member for me. We get to make decisions that enable schools to flourish and grow.”



Want to know more?

Whether you’re interested in becoming a board member or you just want to know more about what school boards do, then why not come along to our online Kōrari Question and Answers session?  

In this triennial election, NZSTA is hosting an online Kōrari Question and Answers session. This will provide an opportunity for people to ask questions directly from our regional advisors.   

This is a free event open to anyone in the community with an interest in the work of school boards. Register online here.

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