School Board Elections

Useful links:

Information on becoming a board member

Promotional materials for nominees

Register for our Korari Q&A session for nominees

Information for boards (includes the election planner and guidance on succession planning and appointing your Returning Officer)

If you still have questions, please email or ring NZSTA’s elections advice line – 0800 ELECTION (0800 353 284).

Important message:

The recommended date for the 2024 Student Representative Elections is Thursday 19th September 2024. This means boards need to appoint a Returning Officer by Monday 19th August 2024.

The timeframe for all parent elections is 63 days. The timeframe for all student elections and staff by-elections is now 31 days. Use the appropriate online election planner tool and download the updated Returning Officers’ Handbook.

View the board elections regulations - changes here.


NZSTA works in partnership with the Ministry of Education to support the school board election process and promote community engagement and participation.

School board elections involve the largest number of candidates and voters of any democratic process in New Zealand. 

Triennial Elections: Every three years, state and state-integrated school communities elect their parent and staff representatives to help govern their schools. 


Staggered (mid-term) Elections: Some boards opt into the staggered (mid-term) election cycle. This means that these schools hold triennial elections for some of their parent representatives and mid-term elections for the remaining parent representatives. The mid-terms are held 18 months after the triennial elections. The dates for the next mid-term elections have not been confirmed yet. You can find out more here.

Student Representative Elections: Boards of state and state-integrated schools with students above Year 9 must hold a student representative election in September each year. You can find out more about the student elections here.

After the elections
View information on welcoming your new board members here.

If you have a question or concern about an election process at your school, please email us:



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